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Get Business Credit by Managing Your Cash Flows

Jan 25, 2013

Consistent cash flow history leads to greater perceived credit history, which may increase your chances of obtaining external financing. In reviewing your credit history, lenders will examine the 5 Cs: capacity, character, collateral, capital, and conditions.... Read More

Using Business Credit the Right Way

Jan 24, 2013

Building business credit is essential for companies, but knowing the credit of other businesses is also important. Protecting your business credit and knowing the credit of your partners and vendors can prevent any disastrous loses.... Read More

Using Vendor Transactions to Build Business Credit

Jan 22, 2013

Minimize your credit risk to build business credit by using vendor transactions. When applying for vendor credit, verify the reporting, frequency, and credit limit of potential vendors, because these factors determine your business credit.... Read More

Six Steps to Understanding Business Credit - Step 2: Establish Checking and Trade Accounts

Oct 16, 2012

Take steps to qualify for building business credit by naming and incorporating your business, obtaining an Employment Identification Number and business licenses, and opening a business checking and a trade account.... Read More

Six Steps to Understanding Business Credit - Step 1: Build Good Personal Credit

Oct 01, 2012

Poor personal credit makes it difficult to obtain good business credit. Lenders use personal information to determine trustworthiness and character, so it is important to monitor your credit report and correct any errors.... Read More

Preparing Your Company For a Cash Emergency

Aug 17, 2012

Cash emergencies can create panic for small business owners who generally run a tight ship. Though credit cards may seem like a good resource to take advantage of to avoid shrinking your cash reserves, it is often better to use cash to cover expenses during shortfalls. Selling assets that do not help build revenue is one option for attaining needed cash. If credit cards are your only option, comparing them against taking out a small business loan.... Read More

Overcome Fears and Restrictions With Passion For Your Goals

May 07, 2012

Randy Garn, entrepreneur and coauthor of Prosper: Create the Life You Really Want, explains why you shouldn't let fear or uncertainty keep you from moving forward with your goals.

The Importance of Having a Budget

Mar 23, 2012

Harvey Warren, author of Drop Debt: Surviving Credit Card Hell Without Bankruptcy, speaks about how a spending plan can help you become financially responsible and avoid debt.

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Does Bad Business Credit Affect Personal Credit?

Mar 23, 2012

Depending on your business legal structure, bad business credit may not negatively affect your personal credit, Harvey Warren explains.

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What's the Best Way to Finance Your Business?

Mar 23, 2012

There are many financing options for your business. Harvey Warren, author of Drop Debt: Surviving Credit Card Hell Without Bankruptcy, explains how knowing your company's specific financial needs will allow you and your banker or lender better determine the best financial solutions for your business.

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