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Choosing the Right Business Credit Card

Choosing the Right Business Credit Card

When trying to establish business credit one thing that owners should strive to do is to separate business assets and expenses from personal ones. One of the simplest ways to separate small business expenses is to obtain and use a business credit card. Since building and maintaining business credit has a great impact on business operations, owners must not just get any credit card, but find one that is appropriate for their particular business. Since in the current economic environment it is getting increasingly difficult to obtain any type of credit, small business owners should determine how to choose the right credit card.

Since the 2008 credit crunch and the tightening of the credit markets, business credit cards have become the preferred financing vehicle. In today’s market it is easier for an owner to obtain a business credit card with substantial limits than to obtain a business loan. Although the terms and interest rate on a business loan would be considerably better, in the absence of lending capital, business credit cards are often the next best thing.

Although more difficult to obtain than in years past, business credit cards are now available with an abundance of different options to choose from. Whether you require a low interest rate, higher credit line, low annual fee, reward points, or special services, it is possible to find a business credit card with a mix of options that is appropriate for your particular business.

A summary of some of the most important card options and terms are as follows:

Business credit cards are a great way for business owners to separate business from personal expenses. Large companies will sometimes issue business credit cards to senior personnel to track expenses and to reduce the cost of travel and other business expenses. In addition to helping the budget and analyze business expenses, having a well managed business credit card will also help a company build its business credit. The credit card history can be included in a credit profile along with vendor payment histories to help demonstrate the company’s credit quality to prospective creditors.

Since there are many potential combinations of card services that may be applicable to your particular business, owners should visit websites like CreditCards.com to compare the features and benefits of available business credit cards.

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