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Billy Westbrook began as so many entrepreneurs do: with an idea to improve the world. He dedicated himself to building a business around  that idea, and brought the world a clearer view.

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Little Known Ways to Help Reduce Your Business Risk

Although most business owners realize that risk can be part of the territory when it comes to running a company, there are a few little known ways that may help reduce business risk. Learn about them now.

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How Do Small Businesses Fall In and Out of Debt?

Business owners with cash flow problems often rely on credit cards and may find themselves in debt. Debt expert and author of Drop Debt: Surviving Credit Card Hell Without Bankruptcy, Harvey Warren, explains how to work out a solution with creditors.

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How to Help Choose a Business Name That’s Effective and Legal

An effective business name can be an essential marketing tool for a business owner. Learn some factors you may want to take into consideration before naming your business.

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How to Turn a Hobby into a Home Business

It is the dream of every hobby enthusiast to turn their passion into a home business that can support their lifestyle and family. Learn the three important questions you need to ask yourself first.

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How Much Is Your Sole Proprietorship Worth?

The key to determining the value of a sole proprietorship is in the understanding that your valuation of the business is just an estimate because so much of the company’s success rides on the personality and experience of the owner. Learn more here.

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Do-It-Yourself Business Credit Repair

Do-it-yourself small business credit repair tips can help you manage debt and structure a repayment plan.

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Business Structures: Using Corp., Llc, Or General Partnership To Gain Credibility

One of the great benefits of starting a business is that it is possible to establish a new and separate credit profile that is distinct from your personal credit profile.

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