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Billy Westbrook began as so many entrepreneurs do: with an idea to improve the world. He dedicated himself to building a business around  that idea, and brought the world a clearer view.

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How to Help Prevent Payroll Fraud

Learn how to help prevent payroll fraud in your small business. Take these five steps to help you do everything you can to protect your business.

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Find Out What You Can Look For and Help Keep Your Business Risk to a Minimum

Discover 10 of the most common potential warning signs of workmans’ compensation fraud in the workplace. Learn how to help protect your company from workers’ comp fraud.

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How to Prosper in Your Business

Ethan Willis and Randy Garn, entrepreneurs and authors of Prosper: Create the Life You Really Want, share their experience in starting a business and finding money, happiness and sustainability. Watch this full-length interview to learn about reputation management, business credibility and to learn Willis’ and Garn’s six steps to prosperity.

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How to Turn a Hobby into a Home Business

It is the dream of every hobby enthusiast to turn their passion into a home business that can support their lifestyle and family. Learn the three important questions you need to ask yourself first.

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How Much Is Your Sole Proprietorship Worth?

The key to determining the value of a sole proprietorship is in the understanding that your valuation of the business is just an estimate because so much of the company’s success rides on the personality and experience of the owner. Learn more here.

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Do-It-Yourself Business Credit Repair

Do-it-yourself small business credit repair tips can help you manage debt and structure a repayment plan.

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Understanding Personal Guarantees: Keeping Personal Collateral Separate From Your Business

When it comes to running a business, putting personal assets at risk for the sake of the company is a decision no one wants to make. In today’s economy, many lenders are trying to mitigate some of their own risk by mandating personal guarantees to qualify for business credit.

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