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Compare Credit Reports on Another Company

CreditAdvisor Business Information Report Credit
Evaluator Plus
Online Access
Log in any time to see the report
See a Snapshot of Another Company's Credit Risk
Assess risk factors related to a company's credit file
Evaluate how a prospective customer pays invoices and prioritizes collection efforts
Risk of Late Payment Indicator
Avoid late payments and keep your cash flow strong with an easy-to-understand gauge
D&B® Credit Limit Recommendation
Make confident credit decisions on another company with both conservative and aggressive credit limits
12 Months of Alerts
Receive notification of changes to the scores and ratings in a company's credit file
Industry Trends
Know where a company stands compared with industry medians
Payment History
Avoid payment defaults by assessing a company's past payment experiences
Detailed Company Profile
Prepare for sales calls with operational information, company history, and more
D&B Credit Rating
Assess a company's size and get a composite credit appraisal based on its net worth or equity
D&B Financial Stress Score
Identify potential financial instability of current business partners by seeing the likelihood that a company will go bankrupt over the next year
D&B Supplier Evaluation Risk Rating
Keep tabs on a supplier's stability with a score that predicts its risk for failure in the next 12 months
Business Event Notifications
Mitigate potential business risks by tracking the status of suits, liens, and judgements
Unlimited and Continuous Access
See a company's most up-to-date credit file each time you log in
D&B Delinquency Predictor Score
Avoid receiving late payments by evaluating a company's probability of payment delinquency
Financial Statements
Access the most complete listing of public and private companies available
Custom Data Archives
Save point-in-time archives of D&B data on a company for future access
In many cases, the cost of these products may be tax deductable for purposes of Federal and/or State income tax. Check with your tax advisors.