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Continuous monitoring of a company’s comprehensive
credit report can help you:

  • Evaluate the credit risk of prospective business partners
  • Reduce your exposure to bad debt
  • Maintain a healthy cash flow
  • Identify potential financial instability of current
    business partners with risk indicators
  • Prepare for sales calls with detailed operational information
  • Establish a credit policy using D&B® recommendations


  • View D&B scores that predict the likelihood of payment defaults and financial stress
  • See up-to-date information each time you access a company’s credit file
  • Receive alerts on any changes in a company’s credit file for 12 months
  • Access the most complete listing of public and private company financial statements available
  • Save point-in-time archives of D&B data on a company for future access
  • Get unlimited access to a live business credit report including D&B data used by major lenders

Did you know?

Over 160,000
credit inquiries are made
on companies each day
using D&B data

Source: D&B DataBase
In many cases, the cost of these products may be tax deductible for purposes of Federal and/or State income tax. Check with your tax advisors.