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An Integrated Platform Provides the Best Accounting Software

The ongoing and continuous expansion of new technologies provides business owners with new ways to solve conventional business issues. Software applications are being designed for different business functions and are combined with other systems to create an integrated management platform. By integrating applications, owners can eliminate redundancies, increase productivity, and improve customer satisfaction. As far as financial management is concerned, the best accounting software is the one that is integrated with applications designed to solve other business issues.

Application designers have been building business applications that work seamlessly with some of the best accounting software packages, such as  QuickBooks. In the past, this type of integrated functionality was only available to large businesses that could afford the relatively high cost of programming all the applications to work with each other. Since the cost of software has decreased significantly and because applications are designed to work in tandem with the better known accounting systems, this integrated functionality is available to small businesses. Now, accounting, sales, marketing and production have security access to continuously updated data that provide a vast array of information about the company’s operations. With the best accounting software there are no more redundancies, duplication of effort, or risk of using outdated information.

The latest application to be integrated with accounting software is Customer Relationship Management (CRM). Now users of a company’s integrated platform can quickly access the information and transaction histories for any client, on the fly. Now there are new and inexpensive solutions on the market that provide client background info, purchase and payment histories, and other customer service records. 

Imagine the best accounting software platforms integrated with CRM and other business applications where customers and customer support reps can satisfy client needs by following order fulfillment 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. As long as customers have their access code and internet access, they can check pricing, place their own orders, check their order status, and any other transaction data. If warehouse shipping instructions are submitted electronically and there is integration with inventory management, both reps and customers could track shipments right from their computer screen.

This same system integrated with time keeping and personnel management would allow managers to access the status of employees in the field and effectively resource projects and orders as they came in. The GPS function on mobile computers or cell phones can also let managers know the physical location of personnel and allow dispatchers to schedule customer service calls to match the location of the closest qualified technician.

Keeping up with and implementing the most up to date technology is one way that businesses can stay competitive. If you need accurate and timely financial data you need to obtain the best accounting software for your particular business. However, these days the best accounting software isn’t the one the produces the most detailed financial reports. Instead, it is the one that works seamlessly with other business applications to provide an integrated business solution that is accessible by employees and customers alike. Businesses should not be looking for the best accounting software but the best financial module to be incorporated in to the company’s overall business solution.

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