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Finding First Class Business Travelers

By Ken Walker

Being able to travel well on business is a skill just like any other. It is true that certain employees, who may be excellent at doing their jobs, could struggle to perform as well if asked to do it on the road. For business owners, it can be difficult to find employees who travel well and still perform their job.

Hiring Employees Who Will Travel
This hiring decision made by managers essentially boils down to two questions:

  1. Should you hire a well qualified employee who is hopefully a good traveler?
  2. Should you hire someone who has a demonstrated history of being on the road who can hopefully perform the job at a high level?

These two questions are crucial to finding first class business travelers. Locating highly qualified employees can be a task in of itself. In addition, managers need to make sure that qualified employees will be able to handle traveling as needed. Hiring employees that fit both of these molds requires honing in on certain characteristics and abilities.

What qualities or traits should managers look for in hiring employees who are going to be on the road a lot? Here's a list of things to screen candidates for:

Hiring employees to travel can be difficult if you don't ask the right questions. It can be hard to see through plain vanilla answers like, "I love to travel” if you ask someone if they are willing to do so. You might want to ask the candidate their worst travel story. Someone who tells a real horror story and how it didn't faze them is the type of person you are looking for.

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