Redeem Your Award

Dun & Bradstreet would like to congratulate you on a successful business plan competition!

Your hard work and dedication has earned you the honor of first place at your school's business plan competition. Dun & Bradstreet would like to gift you a complimentary branded sleeping bag for those long nights that you will endure as you start your new business venture.

“When I started my first company, there were long hours and lots of hard work to get us off the ground. As with most entrepreneurs, we worked odd schedules and had some of the most unorthodox sleeping arrangements. I often found myself sleeping on the floor of our office, a tiny damp basement on Water Street in Providence, Rhode Island, in a sleeping bag.

In anticipation of your hard work and dedication, Dun & Bradstreet wants you to have sleeping bags for your office. Enjoy them knowing that the time you commit to your business will lay the groundwork for your success.”

**Sleeping bags will only be awarded to first place winners of college and university-organization business plan competitions sponsored by Dun & Bradstreet. One sleeping bag per person. Upon verification of the information submitted, sleeping bags will be shipped. Sleeping bags will be shipped to U.S delivery addresses in all 50 states (e.g. cannot be shipped to Canada or Puerto Rico).

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