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D&B Worldwide Network

D&B’s extensive international network enables millions of executives around the world to make confident business decisions with reliable and accessible information that is updated a million times a day, on more than 160 million companies. The network covers 186 monetary currencies and 95 languages. D&B customers have access to worldwide business information powered by D&B’s proprietary DUNS Right™ Quality Process, while benefiting from local experts and knowledge.

Participation in the D&B worldwide network symbolizes participation in the world’s leading commercial information network. Companies participate in the D&B Worldwide Network through D&B’s direct ownership of markets and joint ventures.

Below is a list of countries and regions participating in the network:

Africa Argentina Australia Austria Bahrain
Bhutan Brazil Brunei Cambodia Canada
China Denmark East Timor Egypt Germany
Ghana Hong Kong Hungary India Ireland
Indonesia Iran Israel Japan Jordan
Kenya Korea Kuwait Laos Latin America
Lebanon Maldives Malaysia Mexico Myanmar
Middle East Nepal Nigeria Oman Pakistan
Peru Philippines Portugal Qatar Russia – CIS
Saudi Arabia Singapore South Africa Sri Lanka Sweden
Switzerland Syria Taiwan Tanzania Thailand
UAE Uganda United Kingdom United States Vietnam