Build Instant Credibility for Your Small Business

It is possible to take steps that will immediately boost the credibility of your small business, even if it is a startup.

Credibility Includes Credit

Starting a business includes developing plans for sales and operations. It could require a significant investment in time and capital to reach the goals set out in those plans. To obtain sufficient capital, your small business may need to obtain additional funds from investors or lenders.

It can be difficult for a small business to access capital through either equity investors or lenders. One reason it is difficult to obtain the funds needed to expand could be the lack of a significant credit file that can be reviewed by the potential lender or investor.

Building credibility can take time. Because it is a lengthy process, it can require you to divert time and attention from sales and operations, which are truly the key tasks for a new or established business.

Jumpstart Your Business

Small Business Starter™ is a service offered by Dun & Bradstreet that could help your business move from startup to success. With this service, you will enjoy an expedited process to obtain a D&B D-U-N-S® Number. That number can help you begin documenting your business credit in your D&B credit file, and demonstrate your company’s financial stability to creditors and suppliers.

You will be able to customize your company’s online profile on the D&B Credibility Review™, which can help promote your business with a business description, logo, custom video, and photos. The listing can enhance your rank on major search engines, and offers a tool to let you keep customers informed with optional Twitter, LinkedIn, and Yelp feeds.

With a premium profile in the D&B Credibility Review™ business directory, you will also be able to display a D&B Credibility badge on your website that links to your directory profile. This could make your small business appear much larger to potential customers, lenders, and investors.


Michael Carr is a small business expert who has been involved in the successful development of three small businesses.