custom powder solutions

Custom Powder Systems: A Young Manufacturing Company Strives to be the Best Place their Employees have Ever Worked

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Growing Your Business

tax EIN

Getting Your EIN

A nine-digit Employer Identification Number (EIN) is assigned by the Internal Revenue Service for the purpose of identifying a business. Most businesses are required to have EINs to legally operate in the United States, but there are notable exceptions. Does Your Business Need an EIN? The federal government requires any business that has employees to […]

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Bjork Construction Builds More Than Homes: They Build Relationships That Help Them Grow

In 1988, Jean Bjork founded Bjork Construction with her husband, Don, and they started building high-end homes. Many years and challenges later, the company is still going strong, and has been handling its growth through equally strong relationships.

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companies support minority-owned businesses

4 Top Companies With Goals for Minority-Owned Businesses

These trailblazing corporations have backed up their talking points with real commitments to supplier diversity.

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women-owned status

4 Ways Your Women-Owned Business Status Can Fuel Growth

Certified women-owned businesses that skillfully leverage their designation have the potential to outmaneuver competitors both big and small.

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minority-owned business

Local Programs for Minority-Owned Businesses

Minority business owners face plenty of challenges, but help is available. Find out more about local programs that assist MBEs.

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now hiring

How Do You Know When It’s Time to Hire?

How do small business owners know when it’s time to hire? Are there other options to help them ease their workload and maintain their business’s commitment to quality?

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4 Reasons to Take a Steady Approach When Growing Your Business

When it comes to owning a small business, the first challenge you might face is simply getting your company off the ground. And with nearly half of all small businesses failing within the first two years, it can be a daunting task. However, once you get past the initial stages and start to taste success, […]

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guerrilla marketing

Guerrilla Marketing for Your Small Business

If you’re a small business owner, then you’re probably not the risk-averse type. You most likely know that fortune favors the bold, and aren’t scared to take a chance on a great idea. You probably also possess some creativity: where almost everyone else sees business as usual, you may see an opportunity to “build a […]

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Jeff Stibel the importance of the lender relationship

How Your Relationship With Your Banker Can Affect Your Ability to Access Capital

Transparency can make or break a relationship, including relationships between banks and small businesses. Jeff Stibel joins an esteemed panel of financial experts and explains the importance of establishing a strong, quantitative business credit profile, as well as establishing your credibility, in building a relationship with a bank. Many times, it is an established relationship with a […]

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Follow Your Audience

Social Media Recommendations – Follow Your Audience

Every micro-community has a primary platform they use to share and find information; identifying which social media platforms your audience uses can help you determine where to direct the majority of your efforts.

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Social Media for Business

Use Social Media to Impact Your Business

Experts and marketing strategists explain why social media and new online technology push the limits of traditional marketing. Hear their thoughts on why business owners should not overlook investing in social media tools.

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Credibility With Outside Sources

Create Credibility With Outside Sources

A credibility report can help legitimize your business.

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Passionate Entrepreneurs

Overcome Fears and Restrictions With Passion For Your Goals

Randy Garn, entrepreneur and coauthor of “Prosper: Create the Life You Really Want,” explains why you shouldn’t let fear or uncertainty keep you from moving forward with your goals.

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Two-Way Marketing

Two-Way Marketing

Personal, relational, conversational: marketing is no longer a one-way experience, as Laura Rubinstein, President of Social Buzz Club, explains. Marketing is now a dialogue, and it is extremely important to listen and respond to the other side of the dialogue — your customers.  Today’s definition of marketing is no longer just putting information out there […]

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