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  • VERIFIED™: Get your business data VERIFIED™ to help protect your business identity online
  • Business Shield: Helps protect your company by alerting you to potential warning signs of business identity theft
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  • Small Business Starter™: Promote your business online and get an expedited D-U-N-S and business credit file
  • DUNSFile™: Get a D-U-N-S and basic business credit file in 5 business days or less
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Reputation Management


Make Customers Think Twice About Outsourcing

What should you do when customers consider sending their business to a foreign manufacturer? Remind them of the potential disadvantages of outsourcing.

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Life of a Business Listing

Once someone decides to add your business to a business listing site, your information will be listed on the internet with or without your input. These listings can then be found by potential customers, with no guarantee that the information there is accurate. However, if your business is VERIFIED™, then you can choose to have […]

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Business Credibility

Gather as Much Info as Possible to Assess a Company’s Credibility

Without another primary source, many businesses and business owners go to D&B to get more information about another company. Bita Ardalan, head of the National Specialized Lending Group at Union Bank, shares her experience using D&B as a resource.

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Online Credibility

Online Marketing Consultant Discusses Online Credibility

Improve your online credibility by focusing on your customers and their needs. Online marketing consultant, Chris Garrett, explains why you should avoid simply talking about how great your company may be and instead, emphasize the customer and the tangible outcomes of previous work you’ve done.

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Business Credibility

Online Marketing Consultant Discusses How to Make Your Business More Credible on the Web

Online marketing consultant, Chris Garrett, explains how sharing the outcome of your services can make customers more willing to listen.

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Online Credibility

Increase Credibility on Your Website

Ethan Willis, entrepreneur and coauthor of “Prosper: Create the Life You Really Want,” gives concrete tips to help increase transparency with your audience and encourage consumer behavior. Clear copy, testimonials and badges from companies like as Dun & Bradstreet Credibility Corp. or the Better Business Bureau, for instance, can increase help credibility on your website.

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Reputation Management

Create Trust in Your Company and Manage Your Reputation

Advice from business owners, customers, and professionals on how to create a good image for your company.

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Should Your Small Business Be on Wikipedia?

Only Google, Facebook, YouTube, Yahoo, Baidu outrank Wikipedia. Should you try to get your business listed on Wikipedia? What are the guidelines governing entries?

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How to Track Your Business’s Online Reputation

A list of several online business reputation sites that help a small-business owner monitor their business’s reputation and how it is being talked about through social media.

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Devote Time to These 10 Tasks and Your Business Reputation Will Thank You

Does you business reputation need help? Here are 10 tasks that you can devote more time to that can help improve your business reputation.

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How Raising Your Prices Might Improve Your Business Reputation

Should you be raising your prices? By not raising your prices, your could be hurting your business’s bottom line and its reputation.

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6 Tips to Help Salvage Your Business Reputation After a Bankruptcy

You can salvage your business reputation even after filing for bankruptcy. Here are six tips for saving your business reputation.

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How to Stop Your Company From Losing Customers

Is your company losing customers? If so, then one of these four common reasons could be the reason you’re losing customers.

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Reputation Management Basics for Small Businesses

Small businesses create reputations for excellence in their local communities. Online reputation management can be equally as important.

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Does Business Credit Affect a Business’s Reputation?

How does business credit impact a business’s reputation? Learn four tips for improving both business credit and reputation at the same time.

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How to Defend Your Online Reputation

Customer complaints are common on the Internet. Business owners can respond but it is important to do so thoughtfully.

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Increase Your Business Reputation With a Business Credit Policy

How can a business credit policy help improve your reputation? Learn about the importance of having a business credit policy.

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How a Good Credit Building Strategy Can Help Improve Your Business’s Reputation

Learn how a good credit building strategy can help improve your business reputation. Tips for improving your credit building strategy.

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6 Secret Laws of Reputation Management

Do you know everything you need to know about business reputation management? Here are six secret laws of reputation management.

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4 Tips for Boosting Your Local Search Results

Locally-focused small businesses need to pay attention to SEO. Grow your business by focusing your marketing efforts with effective tools.

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What Is a PAR Statement and How Can Having One Help Improve Your Business Reputation?

Find out what a PAR statement is and how it can help your business. Five considerations for writing a PAR statement for a business.

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Is Your Facebook Page Hurting Your Business?

Social media can hurt a business as much as it can help. Business owners should understand the downside to social media.

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Avoid Social Media Disasters by Acting Like Lincoln

Companies of all sizes have faced disasters on social media and almost all have been self-inflicted.

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Create a Business Known for Expert Advice

A reputation for quality is important for small business success. It could also be beneficial to be known as an expert in your field.

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Manage Your Reputation Before an Unsatisfied Customer Does

Customers can now express their opinions quickly and strongly online. Be sure potential customers see positive statements.

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