South Carolina FAQs

1. Why is Dun & Bradstreet offering CreditAlert to South Carolina businesses?
Answer: Dun & Bradstreet will give South Carolina businesses affected by the South Carolina Department of Revenue a free CreditAlert product that will help them stay alerted to changes in their scores or ratings and other indicators of fraudulent activity that could be taking place on their business.


2. Is there a charge for CreditAlert?
Answer: There is no charge for the CreditAlert product.


3. Will I be required to provide a credit card to register for CreditAlert?
Answer: No credit card is required to register for CreditAlert.


4. What is CreditAlert?
Answer: CreditAlert helps businesses stay alerted to changes in their D&B® business scores and ratings and other indicators of fraudulent activity that could be taking place on your business.


5. Why is it important for me to use CreditAlert for my business?
Answer: If someone were to steal your business identity, items could be purchased, your bills could go unpaid, new lines of credit could be opened up. This product will alert customers to changes taking place in their D&B® business credit file. Even something as simple as a change to a business address or a company officer change would set off an alert to the business owner.

6. How do I get CreditAlert for my business?
Answer: Visit or call customer service toll free at this dedicated phone number: 800-279-9881.


7. How will I be alerted to activity in my D&B® business credit file?
Answer: Businesses will receive email alerts when there are changes in their D&B business credit files. Businesses may also sign into their account on to view the recent alerts that have occurred in their credit file.


8. How long will I have access to the CreditAlert product?
Answer: Businesses who have registered for CreditAlert will have free access for the life of the business or the life of the product.


9. Can any business register for the Free CreditAlert product?
Answer: CreditAlert will be made available for free to any business that has filed a tax return from 1998 to the breach date with South Carolina.


10. Will I be able to see my D&B® Scores and ratings?
Answer: CreditAlert provides real-time alert notifications to changes that occur on your D&B® credit file. To view actual scores and ratings in your D&B® credit file or to learn about industries that have inquired on your business, we recommend that you upgrade to one of our credit monitoring or credit building solutions.